EAA Chapter 22

Rockford, IL

Sunday Morning Breakfasts



For those who ask “What does your Chapter do?”, the simple answer is we eat! Of course we host our annual fly-in breakfast the first Sunday in May, but we also have a chapter picnic in July and a potluck dinner in December. Most of us need to eat more often than that though, so many of us get together every Sunday morning for breakfast.

The itinerary may change based on the weather, but it starts something like this: show up at Cottonwood airport just before 8:00 A.M. on Sunday morning, mill around visiting and discussing the weather, who’s flying, who has an empty seat, etc. If the weather is good and enough pilots/aircraft owners are going to fly, non owners can catch a ride with one of them. What aircraft are flying changes from week to week based on pilot medicals, aircraft annual inspections due, and of course who even shows up. A slow day may have only 8 people, but a more normal Sunday will have a dozen of us having breakfast together.

Once we decide we are flying, the question of where to go has to be answered. If there is a fly-in breakfast somewhere in the area, it is the logical choice. If not, we normally fly to Janesville where there is a restaurant right on the field. We taxi right up in front of the restaurant and park. The unwritten rule is that passengers buy breakfast for their pilot. It is cheaper than splitting gas costs and is a very economical way to get into the air. Lately, we have had more airplanes available and many empty seats. Some of the airplanes that you are likely to see fly out include Doug Corrigan's C-140, Ron Voss’ RV-6, George Esparza's C-170, Tom Janusevic's Colt, Gene Selchow's Kodiak Cruiser, Don Weichert's C-140, Lew Moon's Mooney Mite, and Jack Cambier's Champ.

What if the weather isn’t just right? Then we drive up the street to the Image restaurant/bar and pull tables together and talk aviation while we have our coffee and breakfast. No matter where we go, the results are the same: a good time with good friends. I invite any member to join us and see why we do this every week.

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