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June 4th Regular Meeting

Special guest speaker - Dan Gryder. 

Get ready to soar to new heights as we welcome a distinguished guest to our EAA Chapter. It is our great pleasure to invite you to a special event featuring Dan Gryder, a renowned figure in aviation, as he introduces his groundbreaking Advanced Qualification Program (AQP).

Dan Gryder's name is synonymous with innovation and excellence in aviation training. With decades of experience as a pilot, instructor, and safety advocate, Gryder has continually pushed the boundaries of conventional training methodologies. His AQP represents a paradigm shift in how pilots are trained, emphasizing competency-based learning and real-world scenario simulations.

Join us as Gryder takes center stage to unveil the intricacies of his AQP. Discover how this program is revolutionizing the way pilots are prepared for the dynamic challenges of modern aviation. Whether you're a seasoned aviator or an aspiring pilot, Gryder's insights promise to inspire and enlighten.

When: Tuesday June 4th, 2024

Where: Cottonwood Airport EAA Hangar

     5105 Auburn Street

    Rockford, IL 61101

When: 6:00 pm Cookout, presentation begins at 7:00 pm

As a disclaimer, it's important to note that while we are hosting this event to provide educational opportunities to our community, the views and opinions expressed by our speakers are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of our EAA Chapter. We do not endorse or promote any specific content presented by our speakers but rather aim to facilitate discussions and learning experiences within the aviation community.

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2023 Fall Fly-In

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