Pilot Resources

Aviation Links

Don't Get Rusty AOPA seminars

www.liveatc.net Listen to live ATC from all over the world

www.skyvector.com Planning tool; charts, airports, approaches, gas price, etc.

www.EAA.org check out the webinars!

www.FAAsafety.gov Sign up for email alert for TFRs and training activities

www.1800wxbrief.com This has replaced DUATs and the is an official weather briefing (FAA is promoting this over calling)

www.aviationweather.gov METARS, TAFs, Prog Charts (NOAA weather)

www.pilotedge.com great training resource. Free videos on VFR and IFR (under Pilot resources look for “Free Training Workshops”)

APPS for phone and tablets  (updated!)

Aviation weather – load the airports your want for METARs and TAFs

Weather Underground – Cottonwood station “KILROCKF54”

MyRadar- one of the best radar apps for weather

FlyQ Pocket – Free version for weather, airports (frequencies, runways, traffic pattern, etc)

Avare-Free GPS moving map including VFR, IFR Charts and approaches (Android only)

Podcasts  (updated!)

Aviation News Talk – General aviation news and safety

The Green Dot – EAA’s podcast

Airplane Geeks – Commercial, military and general avaiation news

Airline Pilot Guy – view from airline pilots

Stuck Mic Avcast – Flight instruction

The Finer Points – Flight instruction

Why we Fly – General Aviation life style and ideas for flights

Opposing Bases - Real Air Traffic Controllers with a sense of humor!