Master the Art of Flying

Our VMC / IMC Club offers monthly meetings in which pilots can network and share knowledge and experience.

The meetings use real-world video scenarios to engage members, and allow a free exchange of information that improves awareness and skills.  The intent is to create a community of pilots willing to share information, provide recognition, foster communications, promote safety, and build proficiency.  "What would YOU do in that situation?" 

The VMC / IMC Club monthly programming is normally developed and produced by EAA, but it does not use a lecture or presentation format.  Instead, an actual scenario is presented and is followed by a group discussion – so audience participation is encouraged!  Since everyone has a different experience level and different airplane capabilities, we can all benefit from the discussion. 

By including both VFR and IFR scenarios, we address both basic flying issues and some more challenging topics, encouraging continuous learning about all aspects of flying.  

So, student pilot to commercial rating, come on down and share!


EAA 22

Contact: Gerard Visel


Meetings: Monthly | Every 4th | Tuesday | 7:00 PM

Location: Cottonwood Airport - EAA Hangar

Address: 5105 Auburn ST, Rockford IL 61101